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Welcome to Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® and our innovative building-block immersion program
Introducing A New Online Spanish Curriculum for Kids
Why Teachers and Students love Foreign Languages for Kids!
Hear what teachers have to say about our program
I've been using this program with my Y9 Spanish club. The students find it really useful because it is entertaining and vocabulary is presented in different ways several times and they can remember the phrases and vocabulary because of that... I found the teacher's guide very detailed and it has plenty of activities that engage students to learn Spanish in a more active and memorable way.

-- Liliana Hurtado-Read, Spanish Teacher, Thomas Gainsborough School, Suffolk, England, 2018

I have been floored by the comprehension and retention as I only see my students only 20 minutes a week. We did the Rapid Review for Level 1 in my third grade class today. To hear the students yelling these words in Spanish altogether gave me the chills! With short 20-minute lessons retention has always been my biggest struggle and this program has been awesome!

-- Liz Wallace, Spanish Teacher Dock Mennonite Academy, 2018

I just want to share how happy all our parents are with our Spanish program this year. The content is so engaging and applicable. The children this year are actually going home and using the language they have learned. Thank you so much for creating it and we are looking forward to further developments of this exciting program in the future.

-- Kimberly Ford, Principal, Ameri- Mont Academy, 2018

Here is why we're so excited about giving you this free trial!
We think you and your students will love using this Spanish program!
Experience for yourself:
  • the positive energy the program brings to your classes;
  • the enthusiasm and confidence your students will develop; and
  • how easily your students will learn and retain the material
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The online curriculum is appropriate for all ages and works whether you meet with your students once a week, once a month, or daily.
Short videos of kids using Spanish in fun life-like situations
See an example of our building-block immersion
Our Online Curriculum includes eight-levels, each with:
  • Video Lessons
  • Comprehension and Reading Quizzes
  • Interactive Activities
  • Culture and Geography Unit Quizzes
  • Full Teacher Gradebook and Student Scorecards
The Online Curriculum may also be used by students at home.

Our Teacher's Guides include detailed and flexible lesson plans. They include many activities to develop students' speaking skills as well as basic reading, writing, and grammar. Choose the activities best for your students. Receive our teacher's guide free when you sign up.